Securing Your Right To Part 7/No-Fault Benefits

In most cases, those injured in vehicle-related accidents in British Columbia are entitled to receive benefits under Part 7 of ICBC regulations. These are known as no-fault benefits because they are available regardless of who caused the accident.

Receiving benefits in itself is not usually problematic. Some benefits are mandatory, some are discretionary. But since ICBC has the discretion to decide how these are administered, claimants frequently encounter problems when ICBC essentially makes treatment decisions by refusing or discontinuing benefits that the adjuster feels are unreasonable or no longer necessary.

Fighting For Your Rights

Whether you are only beginning your Part 7 claim or you are already in dispute with ICBC, Skands Law Corporation can act as your advocate. We will use our decades of experience to prepare and negotiate a solid case for the types and duration of benefits you need. These may include:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Homemaker benefits
  • Wage loss benefits
  • Death benefits

We will also help you navigate any applicable limitations and exceptions. If you are having difficulty affording treatment or fees not covered under Part 7, we can refer you to practitioners who accept deferred payments. If you are eligible to pursue an additional tort claim against at-fault parties, we can also help you pursue full compensation above and beyond Part 7 coverage.

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