Should I Accept An ICBC Offer On My Own?

Don’t repeat the single most common mistake that countless injury claimants have made and regretted. If you accept an ICBC offer on your own, you are almost certain to walk away with compensation still left on the table — compensation that would have proven invaluable in the months, years or even decades following the accident.

The Traps Of Going It Alone

Compensation for injuries is based on restoring you to pre-injury status so far as monetarily possible. However, be aware that even if you have faithfully paid your auto insurance premiums for years, insurance adjusters act not as your advocates, but as ICBC employees whose job is to keep personal injury payouts to a minimum.

Accepting an ICBC offer without legal help often translates into:

  • Settling for less compensation
  • Settling too early, before knowing the full extent of your injury
  • Not receiving a reasonable explanation of how the offer was determined
  • Missing out on benefits, some of which you may be unaware of and ICBC will not automatically offer

Don’t Guess At What’s Fair. Get A Professional Assessment.

Few injury claimants have the experience to know whether an ICBC offer is reasonable, even after several rounds of negotiation. At Skands Law Corporation, we use pointed analysis and thorough case preparation to ensure that your settlement corresponds to the full extent of your loss — both in the short and long term. We seek comprehensive settlements that include often-missed factors such as:

  • Cost of future care
  • Loss of income in the past and present
  • Impact on future income-earning capacity
  • Housekeeping capacity
  • Access to top medical and rehabilitation professionals and treatment where warranted

Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Let us give you an accurate evaluation and the professional guidance you need to pursue your ICBC claim.

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