Personal Injury Insurance Claims — Top Three Do’s And Don’ts

At Skands Law Corporation, we’ve fought hundreds of personal injury cases in British Columbia. We know which actions will help or harm your claim. As your legal advisors, we can guide you through every step to ensure that you avoid common traps and take necessary action to make a successful claim.

Three Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Claim

No. 1- Don’t state or sign anything without legal advice. Filling out forms, authorizing release documents or volunteering details could inadvertently give the insurer information that’s eventually used against you.

No. 2- Don’t settle early or guess at what’s fair. Even after multiple negotiations, insurers usually offer far less compensation than you deserve and before the full impact of the injuries is known.

No. 3- Don’t miss limitation dates. If you fail to comply with key obligations and deadlines, you risk nullifying your claim.

Three Actions To Help Support Your Claim

No. 1- Do keep meticulous records. Settling a claim takes time and preserving evidence is crucial. Commit details to writing. Take pictures. Keep an impact journal. Save receipts for injury-related expenses. Get legal guidance to ensure that you don’t miss key details and evidence.

No. 2- Do follow your treatment plan. Seek medical advice early and follow recommended treatment. This constitutes effort that the law requires for you to reduce damages from the injury.

No. 3- Do get legal help to face the insurance company. A skilled and experienced lawyer can give you professional representation so that you don’t make costly mistakes in dealing with insurance adjusters.

Get The Legal Help You Need To Make A Successful Claim

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