What Happens If I Can’t Work After An Injury?

If a personal injury has impacted your ability to work, you may be entitled to compensation. At Skands Law Corporation, we have assisted clients who have been forced to change occupations or reduce the number of hours they work because of injury. We have also assisted students who, as a result of injury, have had to postpone studies and have entered the workplace later as a result of being injured.

We are adamant about investigating income-earning impacts on our injured clients. We will help you seek your full entitlement to compensation for actual wage loss and one of the most critical areas of claims settlements: loss of income-earning capacity.

You May Have Lost Much More Than A Pay Cheque

Many people naturally focus on physical healing after an accident. But financial recovery is equally important. Many claimants feel pushed into a premature return to work or are offered settlements that do not fully recognize their future loss.

Calculating past wage loss is usually straightforward, but determining how the injury harms your future opportunities is a much more complicated exercise. We can help you determine if the injury has deprived you of future work opportunities and income by rendering you less employable, marketable or competitive.

We will seek fair compensation by ensuring that you do not settle without:

  • A medical prognosis
  • Work capacity assessments conducted by industry experts
  • A detailed calculation of the full extent of your loss
  • Guidance on how to preserve critical evidence to support your claim

With careful analysis and solid supporting evidence, we will help you pursue the comprehensive settlement you deserve.

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