Common Types Of Accident Injuries

Every accident is unique and the injuries they cause can sometimes require specialized diagnosis and treatment that insurers are not always willing to provide at first. At Skands Law Corporation, our lawyers care about the overall, long-term well-being of injured clients. When we take on your case, we will provide you with professional advocacy to protect your right to fair treatment and compensation.

Access To Top Medical Care

The problem facing many injury claimants is that insurers must try to keep the payout for accident benefits to a minimum. Standard adjuster guidelines may not adequately address the amount or quality of care you need. The insurer may discontinue benefits earlier than is optimal or it may offer an undervalued settlement before the full extent of your injury is known.

Our lawyers regularly deal with such issues. With our network of some of the top medical and rehabilitative specialists in North America, we can fight a solidly backed case to obtain or reinstate benefits for many types of accident injuries such as:

We will also ensure that you do not settle your claim before a prognosis and the full impact of your injury are known. Only then can we ensure that a final settlement will sufficiently cover your losses, past, present and future.

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