Concussions And Brain Injuries

At Skands Law Corporation, we have worked on hundreds of injury cases in Surrey, Langley, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Vancouver and New Westminster. In our experience, concussions are the single most misdiagnosed injury. Many don’t even realize at first that they have one. Yet, even mild trauma can lead to long-lasting changes in brain function. Getting professional help to investigate could have a significant impact on the total value of your personal injury claim.

Fair And Full Compensation Comes With Proper Diagnosis

After working with hundreds of clients, our lawyers are often the first to perceive the possibility of a brain injury, based on clients’ symptoms or what family and friends may report noticing. Indicators of brain injury include:

  • Physical symptoms — headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue
  • Cognitive difficulties — problems with concentration, memory and speech
  • Behavioural changes — moodiness, anger, irritability or personality changes

Since brain injuries may take time to appear and not show up on traditional CT scans or MRIs, insurers often strongly resist acknowledging their presence. As your advocates, we will ensure that you have access to top-level medical professionals who can offer a diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis to support your personal injury claim.

We will then determine how the brain injury is expected to impact you in such areas as loss of income-earning or housekeeping capacity, and the need for retraining and rehabilitation. Our goal is to ensure that if you have suffered brain injury in an accident, you receive fair and full compensation.

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