Whiplash And Soft Tissue Injuries

Countless individuals suffer from whiplash when a rear-end impact causes an abrupt whip-like snapping of the head. Despite the pain, many find themselves at an impasse when insurers view their soft tissue claim with suspicion. If this is your case, Skands Law Corporation can help. Our lawyers have years of experience pursuing fair treatment and compensation in cases of whiplash and soft tissue injury.

Diagnosis And Compensation For An ‘Invisible’ Injury

Making a successful injury claim involving soft tissue damage is difficult, but not impossible. Unlike broken bones, trauma to muscles, ligaments and tendons may take time to surface and often is not detected by traditional diagnostic methods. Convincing insurers of the presence and impact of soft tissue damage thus requires skill, experience and carefully prepared supporting evidence.

In the face of pressure from insurers, many claimants make the mistake of simply living with the pain and discomfort. But left untreated, soft tissue injuries may never heal and can permanently affect your ability to carry out normal daily tasks or work duties. Our firm can fight your case by seeking a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for such symptoms as:

  • Pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder or back
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Headaches and difficulty sleeping
  • Nerve damage, tingling, numbness or shooting pain

We will also determine if your future earning capacity has been impacted, and if so, we will help ensure that you receive the benefits you need and the compensation you deserve.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Fair Compensation

With soft tissue damage, it’s important to seek legal help as early as possible. Receive a free initial consultation by calling our Surrey office at 604-575-7880, or fill in our contact form to reach our office.

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