Cycling accidents

Minimal protection means high risk for severe injuries

Whether hit during commute, or simply a door opened into an oncoming laneway, cyclist’s bare minimal means of protection. 

The important thing about reporting your injuries is that you report all of them. Often certain injuries as the result of the accident are so severe that smaller aches and pains are dismissed or overlooked. These smaller pains can become nagging and chronic issues that disrupt normal day to day function. 

Understanding the insurance vehicle act 

If you’re a cyclist, it’s important you know the rules of the road the same way you would if you were driving a car. Unless authorized by a bylaw or otherwise directed by a nearby sign, the following should be avoided:

  • Riding on sidewalks
  • Riding side-by-side another cyclist
  • Carrying more individuals than the bicycle is designed to carry

Cyclists should also maintain a close distance to the right side of the road, maintain at least one hand on the handlebars at all times, and avoid roads where cyclists are prohibited.

For individuals in a car, including all drivers and passengers, it is the law to shoulder check for cyclists before opening doors. This will help avoid unnecessary accidents, injuries and fines.

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