Slip & fall accidents

The case for who’s at fault.

Slip and fall injury claims are all about liability. Just because you got hurt, doesn’t mean there’s someone else to blame. However, there are cases where injury is the result of negligence.

When you’re dealing with a slip and fall claim, it’s often not with a known insurer like ICBC, so navigating it can be a bit trickier. Building a strong case to prove your injury was caused by someone’s negligence takes sound investigation. Our team works with engineers and surveillance to get to the bottom of it. We also rely on medical professionals to assess your injuries so that we have a firm grasp on the causative factors.

Common types of slip and fall injuries:

Slip and fall injuries can happen in everyday life. A few of the most common instances we see include:

  • Sidewalks/Parking lots: cracks, holes, uneven slabs, tree roots coming up through the bottom of sidewalks/parking lots
  • Ice/snow: improper removal, no removal
  • Stores: product on the floor e.g. grapes, grains causing falls, water leakage, shelving improperly secured
  • Construction: broken/non-conforming/hazardous steps/handrails

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