A variety of vehicles and pedestrians share the streets of British Columbia every day. Car crashes come in all shapes and sizes, and auto\-pedestrian accidents are among the most deadly. A tour bus which jumped a curb in Vancouver caused a collision which left one dead and two injured.

Auto-pedestrian accidents are sometimes caused by a fast-moving car striking a walker along the side of a roadway. In this case, the tour bus was moving slowly along a curb at the foot of a local street near the waterfront in Vancouver. After hitting a parked SUV, the bus went up on the curb and collided with multiple pedestrians, dragging three of them underneath.

A 49-year-old man was killed, while an elderly man is in serious condition and a 15-year-old girl suffered minor injuries. The three victims were tourists visiting the city. Police say that the investigation may result in charges for the bus driver. For now, they say it is too soon to speculate what happened and are continuing to investigate the incident.

Instances like this show the extreme danger of auto-pedestrian accidents, especially involving vehicles large in size like the tour bus. Those who have been hurt by a collision, or the families of those who have passed away due to such an event, can contact a lawyer to understand their next steps. A legal professional in British Columbia can help explain what options a victim and/or their family may have and can provide services to oversee any action taken.

Source: CBC News, “1 dead in Vancouver after tour bus jumps curb and hits tourists at Canada Place“, Aug 13, 2017