September is an exciting time for children and their parents as they enter school for a new year. British Columbia drivers should be on the lookout for students walking or biking to school in the coming weeks. Cautious and aware driving can help everyone avoid auto\-pedestrian accidents and help kids get to school safely.

Drivers must abide by the 30 km/h speed limit in school zones between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. They should also exercise extra caution in school zones. This includes not passing other vehicles, avoiding three-point turns and obeying crossing guards.

School buses are another thing to consider as September begins. Drivers should always follow school buses at a further distance than other vehicles. They should always pay attention to the lights on the backs of buses to anticipate them slowing or stopping. When a bus comes to a complete stop, vehicles should do the same to reduce the risk of auto-pedestrian accidents as children disembark or load onto the bus.

Children should also take certain safety precautions. For example, those walking to school or in parking lots should remove headphones so they can hear oncoming traffic. Cyclists benefit from bright coloured clothing to catch the eye of drivers nearby. Drivers, cyclists, and walkers should all also exercise particular caution in rainy weather.

Auto-pedestrian accidents are a reality that all drivers and students should be aware of as the school year begins. According to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, five pedestrians aged 5 to 18 die every year across the province while another 250 are injured. If such an accident should occur in your family, caused by the negligence of another, contacting a personal injury lawyer may be an advisable step.

Source:, “Road safety is important for kids“, Blair Qualey, Sept. 1, 2017