Too many British Columbia lives are lost or forever changed in devastating crashes that result from mobile device distractions. Road safety and traffic units of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in a southwestern part of the province have been working along with other provincial traffic services in a campaign fighting distracted driving and making sure motorists comply with safety belt regulations. Their intent is to limit the number of fatal car accidents on the roads of the province.

An RCMP spokesperson said despite the drastic increase in fines, which went up from $167 to $368 in June last year, the numbers of distracted driving offences show an increase rather than a reduction. He said the campaign focuses on reminding drivers that distracted driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. They also want to underscore the fact that the mere act of holding a cell phone while driving, or using it when stopped in an intersection, can cost $368.

Furthermore, the repercussions could be significantly more if a distracted driver causes an accident in which pedestrians, cyclists or other motorists are injured or killed. Reportedly, statistics indicate that the chances of crashing are increased five times when a driver talks on a mobile phone while driving. Texting while driving increases those chances by over 20 times.

Although victims of such car accidents have the right to file personal injury lawsuits, they may be challenged when having to prove that a driver was actually using a mobile phone at the time of the accident. For this reason, some injured parties of distracted driving accidents, or surviving family members of deceased victims, seek the assistance of an experienced British Columbia personal injury lawyer. A skilled lawyer will have the resources to investigate the accident and find the necessary evidence to build a strong case in order to advocate for the plaintiff.

Source:, “RCMP target drivers in Distracted Driving, Occupant Restraint Campaign“, March 20, 2017