The chief of the police department of a municipality in British Columbia recently challenged motorists to make this a year of zero fatalities on the roads in that area. This follows a devastating 2016 during which eight people lost their lives in car accidents in that municipal area, which is part of Greater Vancouver. He said enforcement alone cannot prevent car accidents, and asked motorists to drive responsibly.

During automobile accident investigations, many factors are considered. These include weather conditions, road design, distraction, impairment, speed and more. Investigators do not only look for the cause of a crash but also aspects that could be improved to prevent similar accidents. Sadly, in each of the fatal accidents last year, distraction and/or speed played a part.

The police chief also said every one of those crashes was preventable. Unfortunately, the negligent behaviour of road users — those in vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and even pedestrians — often lead to accidents with devastating consequences. Enforcement can only help to create awareness of the need for safe driving, but the responsibility lies with those using the roads.

For victims of car accidents — or surviving family members of those who died in crashes — the unanticipated financial consequences may be challenging. Financial relief may be available through the British Columbia civil justice system. With the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, claims can be filed against those believed responsible. Skilled legal counsel can help with establishing negligence and documenting claims for financial and emotional damages sustained. The lawyer can then navigate the legal proceedings in pursuit of justice and financial relief.

Source:, “Police chief issues Deltans a road safety challenge“, Neil Dubord, Jan. 27, 2017