Sidewalks, stop lights and speed limits can have a big influence on pedestrian safety in a community. Residents of one road in Port Alberta, British Columbia, are petitioning city council for a walkway to help reduce the risk of auto\-pedestrian accidents on their road. They say the busy residential street has no shoulder or sidewalk on either side, leaving pedestrians with no options and causing a safety hazard.

While the petitioners are not asking for a sidewalk per se, they believe a walkway would make it much safer for residents to walk to their mailbox and other nearby locations. Residents have reported multiple incidents that almost resulted in auto-pedestrian accidents on the road. On one occasion, a person walking down the road was bumped by a side mirror.

While people can take alternate routes or drive to most places, those dependent on public transportation have a dangerous walk to the bus stop every day. The street also causes a risk for children walking to school. However, other residents are concerned that a walkway would encroach on their property, and they would prefer a sidewalk that does not interfere with their shrubbery.

Budget constraints can often prevent development projects like this from taking place. The installation of a sidewalk in this municipality costs around $300 to $400 per meter and will need to be reviewed by city engineers. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia may provide funding for road improvement projects such as this one if there is a legitimate safety concern. Auto-pedestrian accidents can cause serious long-term disabilities and even death. Those who have been in such an accident due to a road issue or a dangerous driver should contact a lawyer right away to understand their next steps with the ICBC.

Source:, “Grandview Road residents ask city of Port Alberni for a safe place to walk“, Elena Rardon, Nov. 14, 2017